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Because every meeting is a catered function, members and visitors MUST BOOK for each meeting. And if you book, you will generally be liable to pay unless an apology is received Booking48 hours before the meeting.

To book, please contact Wendy Lipski by or phone her on 0439 614 214.

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Hall of Fame

We have two tables

  • Contests
  • Leadership

Also see a history of all educational awards earned in the club since 2002.

Speech Contests

Winners of our annual speaking contests. Names highlighted with this background went on to win the Western Division Contest. Names highlighted with this background won the District Final,

Year Club Speech Contest Winner Club Evaluation Contest Winner Club Humorous Speech Contest Winner Club Table Topics Contest Winner
2023 Tony Gattari Rebecca Gattari
2022 Wendy Lipski Wendy Lipski Tony Gattari Rebecca Gattari
2021 Juliana Jamal Juliana Jamal Wendy Lipski Ron Marriott
2020 Rebecca Plush Alicia Leise Allie Marriott Michael Said
2019 Alicia Leise Alicia Leise Michael Said Michael Said
2018 Mark Taylor Alicia Leise Elizabeth Wilson Elizabeth Wilson
2017 Ron Marriott Ron Marriott Ian Lipski Wendy Lipski
2016 Wendy Lipski Ron Marriott Melissa Chaperlin Lou Cervetto
2015 Elizabeth Wilson Ron Marriott Lou Cervetto Wendy Lipski
        Representing another club, Ron Marriott won the District 90 contest
2014 Ron Marriott Ron Marriott Ian Lipski Ron Marriott
2013 Monique Tonna Melissa Chaperlin Michael Said Ron Marriott
2012 Wendy Nielsen Ron Marriott Mark Taylor Susan Newton
2011 Lyndal Eager Wendy Nielsen Ron Marriott Ron Marriott
2010 Lyndal Eager Lyndal Eager Ian Lipski Wendy Nielsen
2009 Lynne Harris Ron Marriott Ian Lipski David Moore
2008 Steve Wieczorek Steve Wieczorek Ron Marriott Lynne Harris
    Ron Marriott, runner-up to Steve, won Area 13, and Division.    
2007 Michael Said Michael Said Barry Moore Steve Wieczorek
2006 Katherine Collins Steve Wieczorek Reg Stewart Elizabeth Wilson
2005 Bill Stuth Ian Chick David Moore David Moore
2004 Robyn Peck Robyn Peck David Moore Anne Keeling
2003 Reg Stewart Reg Stewart Barry Cornwell David Moore
2002 Rita Joyan Mary Hunt Katherine Harding Rhonda Hookham
2001 Bernie Fussell Rhonda Hookham Robyn Peck Debbie Murphy
2000 Rhonda Hookham Rhonda Hookham Elizabeth Wilson Rhonda Hookham
1999     Pamela Barton Stephen Taylor


Those who have served the club in our key leadership positions.

Year President Vice-President of Education Vice President Public Relations and Waffle Editor Sergeant at Arms and Venue Organiser
2022/23 Wendy Lipski Wendy Lipski Reuben Spiteri Ron Marriott
2021/22 Wendy Lipski Juliana Jamal/
Wendy Lipski
Greg Harris Ron Marriott
2020/21 Ron Marriott Rebecca Plush/
Geoff Pullen
Michael Said Allie Marriott
2019/20 Sean Leise Elizabeth Wilson Monique Tonna Alicia Leise
2018/19 Greg Harris Ron Marriott Michael Said Ian Lipsk
2017/18 Wendy Lipski Greg Harris Ian Lipski
2016/17 Susan Newton Wendy Lipski Mark Taylor Ron Marriott
2015/16 Joan Abela Susan Newton Brian Jones Ron Marriott
2014/15 Linda Said Joan Abela Susan Newton John Taylor
2013/14 Geoff Henson Warren Gold Susan Newton Elizabeth Wilson
2012/13 Wendy Nielsen Geoff Henson Steve Thomson Mark Taylor
2011/12 Julie Ackroyd Wendy Nielsen Warren Gold Mark Taylor
2010/11 Ian Lipski Julie Ackroyd Warren Gold Ron Marriott
2009/10 John Taylor Elizabeth Wilson Ian Lipski Ron Marriott
2008/09 Christine Jansz Barry Moore John Taylor Steve Wieczorek
2007/08 Elizabeth Trist Christine Jansz Ron Marriott John Taylor
2006/07 Joan Abela Debbie Sivyer Katherine Collins Steve Wieczorek
2005/06 David Moore Joan Abela Elizabeth Wilson Steve Wieczorek
2004/05 John Taylor Robyn Peck Elizabeth Wilson Bill Stuth
& Ian Chick
2003/04 Ian Chick John Taylor Robyn Peck Rhonda Hookham
& Ian Chick
2002/03 Debbie Murphy Katherine Harding Robyn Peck Ian Chick
2001/02 Mary Hunt Rhonda Hookham Barry Cornwell Elizabeth Wilson
2000/01 Rhonda Hookham Mary Hunt Gary Wilson Elizabeth Wilson
1999/00 Vicki Woodger Elizabeth Wilson Rhonda Hookham Ivor Baptiste
& John Taylor